Amy's Story

“BestCare showed me that I was capable of doing things with my life that I had no idea I could do.”

Amy’s addiction to methamphetamine cost her a lot over the years. She had lost custody of both of her children. She was homeless and hadn’t held down a job in six years.  In an abusive, violent relationship for 12 years, Amy was estranged from her family and had lost connection to any friends. 

Gravely concerned for her safety and well-being, Amy’s mother finally gave her an ultimatum: get clean or lose visitation rights to her son.   

Amy was ready. Motivated by her mom’s ultimatum and her own desire to change her life, she made the difficult decision to finally seek treatment. In order to stay close to home, Amy chose BestCare Treatment Services’ residential program in Central Oregon. 

“When I first arrived at BestCare, I was very nervous, apprehensive, and scared to be there,” she recalls. “But within 24 hours, I knew I was home. For the first time in a long time I felt safe, felt I was surrounded by people dealing with the same demons, and felt like the staff and other residents truly cared about me.” 

During her BestCare experience, Amy started taking an active role in her life for the first time in more than a decade. She started a regular exercise routine, and began incorporating prayer and meditation into her daily life. 

“While I was using, I had barely even come out of my house for 12 years,” she says. “I remember vividly one time during my stay at BestCare when we went hiking at Smith Rock, and it dawned on me how much I had been missing in life because I hadn’t even walked around the block in more than a decade.” 

“The experience at BestCare was very positive, and was all about being active and productive with our lives,” she continues. “It really got me moving and showed me that I was capable of doing things with my life that I had no idea I could do.” 

“I still lead a very active life to this day, which is crazy to me because my life was anything but active before treatment.” 

Her most profound take-away from her treatment at BestCare was creating her own lifelong relapse prevention plan that detailed five coping skills she could depend on whenever she felt the urge to use again. 

“For six months after graduating from the residential treatment program, I carried that plan with me wherever I went,” she says. “I memorized it, used it, and it worked.” 

After completing her treatment at BestCare, Amy went back to college, earned her degree and now helps others overcome addiction through her work as a recovery counselor. 

“My life is amazing,” she says. “I have both my children back in my care and they live with me full time. I now have a career I am proud of, and a life that would have never been possible without BestCare.” 

In 2016, Amy celebrates 10 years of sobriety. 

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