Dual Diagnosis

When substance abuse is driven by an underlying or co-occurring mental health disorder, such as bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety, a dual diagnosis-based program is indicated to treat both the addiction issues and the underlying disorder at the same time. Our Redmond residential program is designated as a dual diagnosis facility. Our primary treatment model is focused on addiction, with secondary co-occurring treatment of mental health disorders. We have clinically trained medical staff, including behavioral and mental health counselors, not to mention mentors who have struggled with similar issues here to help day or night.

For more on our dual diagnosis and residential treatment, contact us at 541.504.9577. Please be prepared to provide additional information including a mental health evaluation or current diagnosis, a list of medications and how long each medication has been taken, as well as other information related to your care.

Our program in Madras also provides dual diagnosis services on an outpatient basis for clients living in Jefferson County. Please contact our offices at 541.475.6575 for help in setting up an appointment.


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