Gary's Story

For two decades, Gary’s life appeared rather normal from an outsider’s perspective. He was a father and husband, owned a home and had a promising career. But behind closed doors, Gary lived with a self-inflicted secret: He struggled with an addiction to methamphetamine. After nearly 20 years as a functioning addict, his life began to unravel.

“I was successful for a long time,” he recalls. “But then my addiction progressed to something I couldn’t handle anymore. I didn’t know how to fix myself, how to get better.”

Gary’s life began to spiral out of control. He isolated himself from his family and lost everything – his wife, his child, his job, and his home. Suddenly, he found himself facing legal issues and jail time.

“I was broken,” he admits.

Gary was ready. He picked up the phone and called his friend Tim, a former-addict-turned-mentor at BestCare.  

“He was very supportive and understood me,” Gary recalls.

Surrounded by mentors who were supportive, reassuring and experienced, Gary says he immediately felt safe when he arrived at BestCare.

“I finally felt like I was part of something good in my life,” he says.

With more than eight months of sobriety under his belt, Gary has experienced a complete life turnaround, and has found peace and strength in helping others who struggle with addiction. 

“Nothing in my life is the same,” he says of life after BestCare. “I feel trust again. It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve never felt better.”

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