Heather's Story

“I didn’t want to live my life in prison. I was ready and willing to change and BestCare was my best—and last—hope for doing so.”

Heather had every reason to blame her addiction on the circumstances that surrounded her. The child of two addict parents, Heather was drinking and smoking marijuana at age 11, and had progressed to using methamphetamine by age 13. 

By the time she was 22, she’d been arrested nine times and had served a prison sentence. Rather than finding a job, getting an education, or raising a family like most people her age, Heather’s life revolved around getting her next fix. 

“I had a baby when I was 16, who I completely abandoned for five years,” she recalls. “My life was an absolute wreck.” 

After her ninth arrest and in lieu of more prison time, Heather was given the choice to enter treatment at BestCare for her addiction. And while she had made numerous half-hearted attempts to get clean in the past, something about this time was different. Heather was ready. 

Motivated by the fear of bouncing in and out of jail for the rest of her life, or worse yet of dying, Heather finally had her “aha” moment. 

“I didn’t want to live my life in prison,” she says. “I was ready and willing to change and BestCare was my best—and last—hope for doing so.” 

When she entered treatment at BestCare, she recalls immediately feeling surrounded by a staff of people who truly cared about her well being, and who wanted to help her. 

“There was a tremendous flood of emotions and feelings running through me,” she says. “I felt vulnerable, fragile, nervous, and scared, but more than anything I just felt really loved,” she says. 

Now 27 and with five years of sobriety under her belt, Heather works as a certified recovery mentor and helps others in the early stages of recovery find housing and employment. Her home life has also improved greatly, as she has regained custody of her child after years apart. 

Despite a relationship with drugs that lasted more than 10 years, Heather was able to take control of her life, putting her recovery first and letting the rest of the pieces fall into place around her sobriety. 

“I know I’m a good mom, a good employee and a good person,” she says. And when she reflects on her life before BestCare: “The difference is night and day. I don’t even recognize myself anymore.”

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