Heidi's Story

“The staff at BestCare never treated me like a criminal. They never treated me like just another number.”

A single encounter with methamphatime was all it took for Heidi’s life to tragically change course. A wife and mom with a successful career in the medical field, her fast-accelerating addiction quickly took control and eroded everything positive and “normal” in her life. House, car, career, husband and child – all gone within 2 ½ years.  Living out of hotel rooms, dealing drugs, and stealing identities, Heidi found herself in the revolving door of the criminal justice system over the next eight years. 

“I destroyed it all, everything that mattered in my life,” she says. “I went from being a transcriptionist working for 70 doctors at one of the region’s largest medical practices, to being a prisoner to whatever my addiction told me I was going to do. When my husband left and took my daughter with him, I completely lost it.”

After her seventh run-in with the law and facing a 65-month prison sentence, Heidi was given the opportunity to undergo residential treatment at BestCare for her addiction. Though she desperately wanted help, her early days in recovery were tenuous and she credits the BestCare staff for helping her stay the course.

“For the first 47 days, I wanted to be anywhere but in rehab,” she recalls.  But a BestCare aide convinced her each morning to give it one more day.

“I don’t know how he convinced me for 47 days, one day at time, to give recovery a chance,” she remembers clearly. “But on the 47th day, the sun never shined so bright and for the first time, I felt hope.”

Heidi was ready.

Her long road to recovery included a 60-day residential program followed by 10 months of outpatient services.

“The staff at BestCare is amazing,” she says. “They never treated me like I was a criminal, or just another number. They never pushed me on through.” 

Of her many takeaways from the program, Heidi says that some of the most important included relapse prevention tools, learning how to set healthy boundaries, and discovering how her addiction impacted her family.

Sober for more than four years and reunited with her daughter, Heidi works as a recovery mentor for other women and mothers, and is going back to school to become a certified counselor.

“I feel strong and thanks to BestCare I have self-worth and self-esteem now,” she says. “I came from such a dark place that I never thought my life could return to the way it is right now.”

“BestCare gave me all these gifts, and the best thing I can do to repay them is to stay clean and sober, and to help other women overcome the same things I went through.”

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