How We Help

Because choosing recovery often involves making significant life decisions, we offer support, encouragement, accountability and structure, creating the opportunity to build a more fulfilling and sober life. 


We focus on treatment solutions that have been applied and tested in various settings and research has demonstrated its effectiveness. Motivational Interviewing is our cornerstone philosophy or model of counseling. It is a highly-regarded, evidence-based practice for helping those with substance abuse. Unlike other treatment practices that emphasize the counselor as an authority figure, Motivational Interviewing believes “change” rests within each person. The process initially focuses on exploring and resolving any personal challenges one might have to change. Then, we focus on having a series of collaborative conversations designed to strengthen your own motivation for change. Learn more about our treatment options on our treatment services page. 

Variety for personal success

In addition, we include a variety of treatment approaches that are tailored to each individual's needs. All treatment options have proven highly successful in helping those face addiction, including individual and family counseling, medical and psychiatric support, 12 step support groups, educational groups, and alternative solutions like yoga, mindfulness and acupuncture. 

Goals for change

Because there are multiple ways for change to occur, our counselors will first help you establish goals and objectives, as well as help you see whether your current behaviors support these goals and objectives. This is critical to giving you the strength you’ll need when old friends and old habits cause doubt in the choice to be in recovery. 


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