Coming To BestCare Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is the cost of treatment?

The cost to each person varies. It is dependent on a person’s insurance policy and the type of insurance. Private pay options are available for both detox and residential. We do accept Oregon Health Plan; accessing residential treatment for people on OHP must include a referral from an outpatient provider. Also you will need to be currently engaged with your outpatient provider.

2.     How long is the detox part of your program?

It depends on what you have been using. Such as: alcohol 3-5 days, stimulants 2-3 days, opiates (including heroin) 5-7 days. It is subjective to the individual, their withdrawal symptoms and how each person copes.

3.     What type of medications do you offer in detox?

It varies depending on which substances from which you are detoxing. The medications we give you will not take away all of the detox symptoms but will help minimize risks associated with the detox process. We do offer Subutex for opiate withdrawal but only as an aid for withdrawing, not for long term use.

4.     What do you do while in detox?

Rest. We check your vitals every 2 hours the first 24 hours that you are here. Then, if you are stabilizing, vitals are checked every 4 hours. We give you medications according to the protocol ordered by our doctor and the symptoms you are having.

5.     What do I bring to detox?

Clothes, medications, bathroom items, a book, if you would like to read. You may also bring a DVD to watch a movie; please keep these appropriate to the setting. A list is also posted here.

6.     What do I bring to residential?

Please refer to the list posted here on this website.

7.      How long is your residential treatment program?

The estimated length of stay is 30 days. The actual completion date is dependent on progress in the program and completion of identified treatment goals.

8.     Does residential treatment ‘work’ and have good outcomes?

There is much evidence to support that completion of a minimum 90 day aftercare is the best predictor of long term success in recovery. Therefore BestCare has adopted a process that starts early on in residential treatment to promote outpatient engagement and retention. What we know to be true is that a person may make good choices while in the structure of residential but is often susceptible to poor decision making when a person returning to their homes. Healthy, good decision making is a central focus while in residential and the best outcomes are when a person is making the decision every day, on their own, to complete aftercare. That is what works. We help people gain a high level of commitment and understand why this is important and increase behaviors that result in change. 

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