Jennifer's Story

“With the help of BestCare, I have become the person I always wanted to be.”

As a functioning addict, Jennifer managed to keep her secret hidden for 20 years. Although the lies were increasingly complex and stressful to maintain, Jennifer refused to admit she had a problem. After all, her addiction to methamphetamine wasn’t harming anyone – or so she thought.

Her double life came crashing down one night when police raided her home and she was arrested in front of her husband and three kids.

“The experience,” she describes, “was devastating. My life was over in an instant.”

While serving a 43-day jail sentence, Jennifer researched recovery resources in her community and admitted herself into residential treatment at BestCare two days after her discharge.

“I knew the moment the handcuffs went on that I was done,” she says. “In a way it felt like a relief because the lie was over.”

Jennifer was ready.

At BestCare, she found comfort in opening up to counselors who had faced many of the same challenges that she was facing on their own road to recovery from addiction. At the same time, Jennifer says BestCare held her accountable for owning her past.

“I clung to the tools they taught me,” she says. “ I had tried everything I could to get high. Now I was going to try everything to get and stay sober. BestCare taught me that just because you’re addicted, doesn’t mean you have to stay addicted.”

Two years and seven months into her recovery, Jennifer is happily remarried, reunited with her children and works as a grocery store supervisor, where she’s proud to say she is entrusted with keys to the store’s safe.

“My life is absolutely amazing,” she says. “I have a wonderful, open relationship with my children and ex-husband. My family has come back around and they all support me. Our family is much closer than we’ve ever been.”

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