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BestCare is pleased to be the contracted community mental health program in Jefferson County. Our outpatient mental health program in Madras provides mental health assessment and counseling services to children, families, and adults. Our mental health clinical teams include mental health clinicians, case managers, wraparound coordinators, skills trainers. Psychiatry, including evaluation, medication management, and nursing support is also an integral part of our mental health clinical services. We offer several mental health treatment groups, including weekly gender-specific DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) groups. Access to mental health services is rapid as we have an Open Access clinic Monday-Thursday; we can also schedule assessment appointments, when needed.

Severe & Persistent Mental Illness

In addition to mental health and psychiatric services, for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness we offer some helpful adjunct services such as Supported Employment and our BestClub Program, which is an adult mental health consumer center. Our BestClub program is staffed by a small mental health team who facilitate individual and group therapy and case management services. Lunches are provided throughout the week at BestClub for consumers. Through a grant from the State Health Services Division, we have a mental health Supported Housing Program/Rental Assistance Program for eligible participants. 

School-Based Mental Health Services

BestCare has several mental health clinicians who are embedded in the schools in the 509-J and Culver School Districts in Jefferson County. By providing on-site mental health counseling services in the schools, many young people are able to participate in individual counseling in the school setting. Many children have been involved in mental health services since the program’s inception. Some children strictly participate in school counseling for short episodes of care while others may participate throughout the entire school year.

High-Intensity WrapAround Services-Children/Families

For children and families with high level mental health needs, we have a children’s intensive community-based treatment services program called WrapAround Services. We have two WrapAround Coordinators who facilitate wraparound meetings that include the family, their support network, clinical staff, and community partner stakeholders. 

Young Adults in Transition Hub (YATH)

Young Adults in Transition is a relatively new program to Oregon, focused on young people between the ages of 14-24. We know that youth in transition have been the lowest utilizer of mental health services demographically. Several years ago the Central Oregon region received a YATH/YHUB grant from the State Health System Division to offer support and services to youth in transition who suffer from mental health and/or behavioral challenges. This population may not fit such rigid criteria that is required of traditional community health program. 

Our treatment options are covered by most health plans, including the Oregon Health Plan, Medicare, CHIP, and many private insurance types. At BestCare Mental Health in Jefferson County, no will be denied access to services due to inability to pay; a sliding fee scale is available. We will not deny services based on a person’s race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or ability to pay. 

  • Prevention staff deliver the evidence-based program, “Too Good for Drugs & Violence” to all 3rd and 6th graders in 509-J and Culver School Districts.  We also facilitate this curriculum after school for youth ages 12-18.
  • Partnering with The Kids Club/Madras to provide prevention/education to youth involved in this program. 

The dynamic and ever-growing group of young people participate in year-around events and activities in the community.  Some examples of our prevention activities we facilitate are:

  • Summer sports, games, swimming, and fundraisers
  • Back to School events
  • Movie nights
  • Winter game nights (Minute to Win It)
  • Holiday crafts and gift night
  • Leadership training and support
  • Lunch meetings at various schools which include mini-prevention education sessions
  • Presentations to parent groups at The Kids Club
  • Referrals made to partner agencies, including behavioral health, when needed
  • We are currently in the process of planning an Active Parenting of Teens parenting class, stay tuned! 
  • Special workshops on a variety of subjects, including bullying, suicide prevention/intervention, alcohol/drugs; often sponsoring and featuring nationally known experts
  • Presentations to other agencies and service organizations
  • Resource Center-BestCare Prevention Office

850 SW 4th Street Suite 302
Madras, OR 97741