Nick's Story

I was running out of choices…and chances. People around me were dying. It was just chaos. My life with heroin was unmanageable. BestCare helped me implement a program that led to my recovery, and now I have peace, and freedom from addiction.“

When Nick recalls his life as a heroin addict, he describes a grim story that easily could have ended in tragedy. 

“It was a daily, full-time job of killing myself,” he says. “From the time I woke every single day for four years, I was always in search of ways to get loaded. It was my daily job.” 

Because of this, Nick was homeless, was committing crime on a daily basis and had lost all real friendships. 

“I really alienated myself from the world,” Nick remembers. “I was on a single mission to get more, I didn’t care about anybody else.” 

As an alternative to going to jail, Nick had tried treatment in the past, but still refused to admit he was an addict. Two weeks after his first go-round with treatment, he was back to his old habits. 

Months later during Christmas dinner with his family, Nick experienced a pivotal moment that would change – and perhaps ultimately save – his life. 

“We all went around the table saying what we were grateful for,” Nick recounts. “When it came to my turn, there was this moment of clarity and I said, ‘I’m extremely addicted to heroin, and I don’t know how much longer I have left.’ That’s where it all began. Everyone was really emotional. They had seen me beat my head against the wall for years.” 

Nick was ready. He chose to enter BestCare because of the program’s emphasis on personal accountability. 

“I got good vibes, a sense that these people care, but they are going to hold me accountable and it’s my choice if I want to grow,” he says. 

Clean for 18 months, Nick is now the manager of a local ice cream shop, owns a car and is nurturing healthy relationships in his life. 

“Without BestCare, I don’t think I’d be alive,” he says without hesitation. “I have freedom from my addiction, and peace. Relationships are there with my family, and my support group. BestCare showed me a way to live that’s really, really appealing. “

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