Seeking Help

If you continue to misuse alcohol or drugs even though you know it’s interfering with your life in significant ways, you are at point where you should get professional help. Getting professional help now will prevent additional health problems and additional problems with your relationships and job.

If you’re a parent who’s seen changes in your son's or daughter's behavior for the worst, we encourage you to listen to your intuitive voice. We suggest you talk with them and reinforce that you care then quickly get help. At BestCare, you can count on us to treat the whole person in a social context. Because recovery involves a lifestyle change based on staying clean and sober one day at a time, we use an array of motivational techniques, relapse prevention skills, cognitive-behavioral recovery skills and body awareness methods that have proven to be successful for long-term recovery.

Four Levels of Service

No matter what level you enter (detox, residential or outpatient) our substance abuse treatment, we'll help you move to the next lower level as quickly as is clinically appropriate. This is both cost effective and empowering for each patient we help. Since all substance abuse treatment facilities are based in Central Oregon, transitionally between programs, or levels, is easy and convenient.

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