Troy's Story

“This was my third time at BestCare. The first two times, I didn’t want to change. Finally, I was tired of being the person that I was. I was ready.”

It took seeing his mother in handcuffs for Troy to finally decide to change his life.

More than 10 years of drug and alcohol addiction – including a once-a-day meth habit for 8 years – culminated with a SWAT team and armored vehicles at his home to pick him up on an outstanding felony warrant. Not only did Troy and his brother get arrested as a result of the raid, so did everyone in the house, including his mother. 

“Once I saw that other people – innocent people who didn’t deserve it – were suffering the consequences of my actions, I decided I needed to change for my sake and for theirs,” says Troy.

And despite entering treatment at BestCare twice before, this time Troy was ready.

“The first two times I didn’t want to change,” he says. “Finally, I hit bottom and was tired of being the person that I was.”

He describes the person he was as a liar, with no self-respect. “I wasn’t a good son, a good grandson, or a good brother, and I made my family worry and stress about me constantly.”

Once in treatment, Troy says he re-learned life lessons about honesty and integrity that he had neglected and forgotten as an addict.

“I gave it a chance, I listened to what the counselors had to say with an open mind, and it made sense,” he says. “The treatment works if you want it to. It sure makes life a whole lot easier.”

Now 11 months clean, Troy is giving back to his community by sharing his story with local youth and immersing himself in his family’s Native American culture and heritage.

“I say in my talks, everything I’m doing now is giving back for everything I’ve taken away,” he says. “Everything I’ve done bad, I am now giving back in a positive way.”

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