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Making that first phone call is a big step. Now that you have said to yourself “I’m ready” and have started the process of reaching out for help, BestCare is here to offer you some guidelines and assistance in making changes to your life. This is likely to be an emotional time and most often is accompanied with some kind of crisis that has motivated you to call. Alcoholism or drug abuse doesn't occur over night. It is usually a gradual and painful spiral to the point where the first phone call is placed.

We have trained admissions people to take your phone call and/or email. It is during our first contact with you that we will try to gain what your immediate needs and concerns are. This often entails information gathering from you in an effort to determine appropriate level of care. The first conversation can be unsettling and often stressful but know that we are here to help and are in the business of getting you what you need.

Please try to share openly your history of substance use and about yourself and life events that have lead up to’ being ready’. This initial screening process is eventually followed up by a full Alcohol and Drug assessment once you enter our program. The screening process allows us to get to know you and your situation so as you start we will already be familiar with you.

The screening will contain questions pertaining to things such as: your overall health, (both physical and emotional), financial resources, health insurance coverage, personal support network, (family and friends) and some demographic information.

The most asked question we get are about what happens at treatment. We have posted tentative schedules for all our programs and most people find it very helpful to review the daily or weekly schedules. All BestCare groups and processes are Evidence Based Practices (EBPs); what this means to you is that we have researched what works. We offer groups such as: Mindfulness, MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Seeking Safety, Co-Occuring, Gender Group, PTSD and Relapse Prevention. Our entire curriculum is based on MI (Motivational Interviewing) techniques.

Each client has a primary counselor and we have a strong emphasis on coordination of care. We try to partner with other outpatient programs as well and at our residential programs have adopted and open door policy to other providers. This means that if you have a therapeutic relationship with a provider from outside of BestCare we will do our best to help you continue with that relationship in your aftercare plan.

All admissions, transitions, and discharges are based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine's Patient Placement Criteria, second revision (ASAM PPC-2R).

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